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Used Plate Roll For Sale: 10' x 1/2" Roundo PS255 | 13677-1

10′ x 1/2″ Roundo Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll | Model PS-255/10



Manufacturer: Roundo
Model Number: PS-255/10
Serial Number: 976680
Model Year: 1997
Size / Capacity: 10′ x 1/2″
Category: Roll, Plate Bending, Double Initial Pinch
Stock Number: 13677


  • Double initial pinch
  • Hydraulic roll drive
  • Hydraulic roll positioning
  • Hydrauilc drop end
  • Wire encoders for roll positioning
  • Pedestal control station includes: 
    • Heavy duty stand with casters
    • (4) Joystick controls
    • (4) Digital roll position indicators
    • Quick disconnect
    • Emergency stop button
    • Push-pull style Stop/Start button
  • Emergency stop safety switches & cables – front and back
  • Emergency stop buttons on machine – front and back
130 ton Accurpress 713012 Hydraulic CNC Press Brake | 13688-1

130 ton Accurpress Hydraulic CNC Press Brake | Model 713012



Manufacturer: Accurpress
Model Number: 713012
Serial Number: 492
Model Year: 1983
Size / Capacity: 130 ton
Category: Brake, Press, Hydraulic CNC
Stock Number: 13688


  • 2-axis Hurco Autobend 7 CNC control
  • Foot pedal control
2014 Camman 15KVA Metal Disintegrator C-27 SSQA | 13630-1

15 KVA Cammann Metal Disintegrator (Tap Burner) | 2014 Model C-27 SQSS


Manufacturer: Cammann
Model Number: C-27 SQSS
Serial Number: 200214
Model Year: 2014
Size / Capacity: 15 KVA
Category: Metal Disintegrator (Tap Burner)
Stock Number: 13630


  • Designed for quick, accurate disintegration of broken tools in a shop facility
  • Rugged 8 motion, all angle, 4 axis 360 degree rotation
  • Automatic disintegration, complete and ready to operate with Cammamatic feed and auto depth shutoff
  • Cammamattic feed prevents skewing of electrode
  • Heavy duty 15 KVA power supply with Cammann built thermal overload protection transformers
  • Rugged 1-3/4″ thick precision ground steel worktable with tooling plate design for securing work piece
  • Heavy duty 12 gauge sheet metal cabinet
2000 CFM Donaldson Torit DB-2000 Downdraft Bench Dust Collector | 13648-1

2000 CFM Donaldson Torit Downdraft Bench Dust Collector | 2008 Model DB-2000


Manufacturer: Donaldson-Torit
Model Number: DB-2000
Serial Number: 2654726-1
Model Year: 2008
Size / Capacity: 2000 CFM
Category: Dust Collector, Downdraft Bench
Stock Number: 13648


  • 52″ x 52″ downdraft & grinding table
  • Self contained dust collector
  • Automatic self-cleaning pulse jet system
  • Quiet, efficient backward inclined airfoil fan
  • Large capacity dust drawers
  • Fluorescent light fixture
1250 CFM Donaldson-Torit Mist Collector WSO 25-1 | 13699-1

1250 CFM Donaldson Torit Water, Smoke & Oil Mist Collector | 2010 Model WSO 25-1


Manufacturer: Donaldson-Torit
Model Number: WSO 25-1
Serial Number: 32711984
Model Year: 2010
Size / Capacity: 1250 CFM, 3 HP
Category: Mist Collector
Stock Number: 13699

Currently Equipped With:

  • Wire mesh PreFilter (1st stage)
  • Donaldson Synteq XP oil-mist filter (2nd stage)

* Based on clean filters. CFM will vary based on external static pressure and the use of final filter.

** Published dB(A) sound pressure levels were made in a hemi-anechoic chamber. Units were run with clean filters and maximum airflow through approximately 10 feet (3 meters) of ducting connected to an inlet plenum. Measurements were made 1.5 meters off the ground, 1 meter away from the collector, on the filter door side of the mist collector. Actual installed equipment sound pressure levels will vary depending upon the measurement location, the operating conditions, the installation, and the surrounding environment.

11" x 58" Bridgeport Series II Vertical Milling Machine | 13658-1

11” x 58” Bridgeport Knee Type Vertical Mill | Series II


Manufacturer: Bridgeport
Model Number: Series II
Serial Number: 7456
Size / Capacity: 11″ x 58″
Category: Mill, Vertical
Stock Number: 13658


  • 2-Axis Acu-Rite Digital Readout (X & Y)
  • Power feeds & Rapid traverse on (X, Y and knee)
  • Power downfeed
24" x 60" Mori-Seiki Metal Lathe For Sale | 13633-1

24″ x 60″ Mori Seiki Engine Lathe | Model MH-1500


Manufacturer: Mori-Seiki
Model Number: MH-1500
Serial Number: 3591
Size / Capacity: 24″ x 60″
Category: Lathe, Engine
Stock Number: 13633


  • 15″ 3-jaw chuck with 4″ hole
  • 4-way toolpost
  • Work light
  • Coolant
  • Foot brake

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