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2002 Milltronics Slant Bed CNC Turning Center | Model SL10/05 Series A


Manufacturer:  Milltronics
Model:  SL10/05 Series A
Serial Number:  7329
Model Year:  
1.5 HP
 CNC Lathe
Stock Number:


  • Centurion 6 CNC control
  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Powered collet closer
  • 5C collets
  • 8-position power turret
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Coolant pump & tank
  • Full enclosure

*This lathe came from a vocational training facility and was not used for production work. Very good condition and well equipped.

2006 Hyd-Mech Horizontal Band Saw | Model S-20P Series III


Manufacturer:  Hyd-Mech
Model:  S-20P Series III
Serial Number:  7A1206047
Model Year:  
3 HP
 Horizontal Band Saw
Stock Number:


  • Easy swing, heavy duty cast iron saw head
  • 3 HP true direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys
  • 36” material in-feed roller table and 19” out feed table
  • Easy to read angle scale with angle locking mechanism
  • Cast iron guide arms. Idler side guide arm is adjustable and supported by linear rail.
  • Flood coolant with wash down hose
  • Digital LCD display shows: Machine mode, pieces cut, blade speed, blade tension, amperage draw of blade motor, cut duration, overall machine run time, and head position.

2018 6000 Watt Amada CNC Laser | Model LC4020F1NT

Manufacturer:  Amada
Model:  LC4020F1NT
Model Year:  
CW Power:
6000 Watt
 Laser Cutting Center, CNC
Stock Number:

Price on request


  • Twin-Adaptive Optics to eliminate the need for lens changing
  • Faster piercing and cutting by using linear drives in all three axes
  • High productivity at lower running costs through our ECO cut process
  • Stable cutting and increased productivity using WACS™ (Water Assisted Cutting System)
  • Cut Process Monitoring improves process time and part quality by pierce detection and by monitoring cut process

2016 3500 Watt Amada CNC Laser | Model LCG3015

Manufacturer:  Amada
Model:  LCG3015
Model Year:  
CW Power:
3,500 Watt
 Laser Cutting Center, CNC
Stock Number:

Price on request


  • High torque motors and helical rack drive 
  • High Speed Lightweight Y-axis carriage 
  • 5” and 7.5” cutting lenses
  • 2 pallet shuttle table as standard 

2012 Messer Plasma Table | Model MPC 2012

Manufacturer:  Messer
Model:  MPC 2012
Model Year:  
Power Supply:
400 Amp
 Plasma Cutting System
Stock Number:

Price on request


  • Messer Global PC Based Control
  • Color Touchscreen Control
  • Operator Console Right-Mounted
  • Hypertherm HPR400XD High Definition Plasma Power Source
  • 1.5” Dross Free mild steel cut quality
  • 2” Mild Steel Production pierce
  • Hypertherm Torch and Sensor Height Control
  • Oxy-Fuel Station with auto lift, auto ignite
  • Messer Slagger Zoned Downdraft Table with Trays
  • Messer/Torit Downflo Dust Collection System
  • Dual Side Drives
  • Heavy Duty floor mounted rails
  • Hypertherm Auto Gas Console

220 ton Primeline Hydraulic Press Brake | Model HAP 37200


Manufacturer:  Primeline
Model Number:  HAP 37200
Serial Number:  7062992536
Model Year:  1999
Size/Capacity:  220 ton
Category:  Press Brake
Stock Number:  13730


  • Elgo CNC control
  • Hurco back gauge with Autobend 7 control
10' x 1-1/2" Roundo PS460 Plate Bending Roll | 13469-1

10’ x 1-1/2” Roundo Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll | Model PS 460/10


Under Power On Our Floor!!
Video available on request.

Manufacturer: Roundo
Model Number: PS 460/10
Serial Number: OB-2183
Model Year: 1979
Size / Capacity: 10′ x 1-1/2″
Category: Roll, Plate Bending
Stock Number: 13469


  • Pinch/pyramid design
  • Hydraulic roll drive (all three rolls)
  • Hydraulic roll positioning
  • Hydraulic drop end
  • Cone rolling attachment
  • (4) NEW P3 linear transducers (for roll positioning)

Hand held pendant control:  (4) Red Lion PAXP digital displays; (3) NEW operator joystick controls; NEW wiring for displays and transducers; NEW pendant quick disconnect; Pendant stand

  • NEW safety indicator light & beeper for drop end
  • NEW emergency stop buttons
  • NEW emergency stop safety cables
  • NEW decals
  • Cleaned, painted & cycled
17.5" Nardini Fast Trace CNC Lathe | 13626-1

17.5″ x 40″ Nardini Fast Trace CNC Lathe | Fanuc 20T CNC Control


Manufacturer: Nardini
Model Number: Fast Trace
Serial Number: 284J
Size / Capacity: 17.5″ x 40″
Category: Lathe, CNC
Stock Number: 13626


  • GE Fanuc 20T CNC Control with Teach Mode
  • DNC USB conversion
  • 3-jaw chuck w/jaws 
  • Dorian quick change tool post with (4) holders
  • Royal quick chuck – air operated collet closer
  • Set of 5C collets
  • Tailstock (not shown in all photos)
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Coolant System
  • Full length rear splash guard
  • Sliding front carriage guard

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