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2000 CFM Donaldson Torit DB-2000 Downdraft Bench Dust Collector | 13648-1

2000 CFM Donaldson Torit Downdraft Bench Dust Collector | 2008 Model DB-2000


Manufacturer: Donaldson-Torit
Model Number: DB-2000
Serial Number: 2654726-1
Model Year: 2008
Size / Capacity: 2000 CFM
Category: Dust Collector, Downdraft Bench
Stock Number: 13648


  • 52″ x 52″ downdraft & grinding table
  • Self contained dust collector
  • Automatic self-cleaning pulse jet system
  • Quiet, efficient backward inclined airfoil fan
  • Large capacity dust drawers
  • Fluorescent light fixture
1250 CFM Donaldson-Torit Mist Collector WSO 25-1 | 13699-1

1250 CFM Donaldson Torit Water, Smoke & Oil Mist Collector | 2010 Model WSO 25-1


Manufacturer: Donaldson-Torit
Model Number: WSO 25-1
Serial Number: 32711984
Model Year: 2010
Size / Capacity: 1250 CFM, 3 HP
Category: Mist Collector
Stock Number: 13699

Currently Equipped With:

  • Wire mesh PreFilter (1st stage)
  • Donaldson Synteq XP oil-mist filter (2nd stage)

* Based on clean filters. CFM will vary based on external static pressure and the use of final filter.

** Published dB(A) sound pressure levels were made in a hemi-anechoic chamber. Units were run with clean filters and maximum airflow through approximately 10 feet (3 meters) of ducting connected to an inlet plenum. Measurements were made 1.5 meters off the ground, 1 meter away from the collector, on the filter door side of the mist collector. Actual installed equipment sound pressure levels will vary depending upon the measurement location, the operating conditions, the installation, and the surrounding environment.