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50 ton Piranha Hydraulic Ironworker, Model P50


Manufacturer:  Piranha
Model Number:  P50
Serial Number:  P50-8433
Size / Capacity:  50 ton
Category:  Ironworker, Hydraulic
Stock Number:  13358


  • Original style P50 comparable to the current P65
  • Die block and punch stripper assembly
  • Punch & die sets
  • Foot pedal
  • (2) joystick controls
  • Material bar stop

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50 ton Piranha Hydraulic Ironworker

Manufacturer: Piranha
Model Number: P-3
Serial Number: P3-116
Model Year: 1977

Size: 50 ton
Stock Number: 13031
Category: Ironworker, Hydraulic


  • New flat shear blades
  • New coper blades