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15 stand Marion Trim Rollformer

$39,950.00 $35,000.00

Manufacturer: Marion
Model Number: Single Line Trim R.F.
Serial Number: 5255

Size: 15 stand
Stock Number: 13044
Category: Rollformer


  • Commander SK variable frequency drive control
  • – Parameter copying functionality
  • – PLC functionality
  • – For information and downloads for the Commander SK control visit
  • Includes tooling for (2) profiles


Artos Ridge Cap Rollformer

$16,500.00 $11,500.00

Manufacturer: Artos
Model Number: 4RP
Serial Number: 4422

Stock Number: 13039
Category: Rollformer

20-Stand Gifford-Hill Rollformer


Manufacturer: Gifford-Hill
Model Number: CAS4-30-20
Serial Number: 4428M-0110.14

Size: 20-Stand
Stock Number: 13038
Category: Rollformer


  • *This rollformer is for the production of roofing panels with a hidden fastener system and includes:
  • Tooling for making roofing panels
  • (6) sets of fastener dies
  • Operations/Maintenance manual


12-Stand Rafter Rollformer

$22,500.00 $19,500.00

Manufacturer: Rafter

Serial Number: 623

Size: 12-Stand
Stock Number: 13037
Category: Rollformer


  • Hand held pendant control
  • Tooling for Girt (Hat) channel