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5′ x 10′ Koike CNC Plasma Cutting System, Model FM510


Manufacturer:  Koike
Model Number:  FM510
Model Year:  1995
Size / Capacity:  5′ x 10′
Category:  Plasma Cutting System, CNC
Stock Number:  13406


  • Koike Hybrid D-11 CNC Controls
    • LCD Graphic Display
    • 256KB Memory with 64 Program Storage
    • RS-232 Input
    • Common Shape Library
    • Kerf Compensation
    • Manual Jog Controlled Cutting
  • Hypertherm HT-2000LHF Plasma Power Source
    • HySpeed 200 Amp Dry Oxygen Cutting
    • 1” Mild Steel Production Cutting
    • 1.5” Mild Steel Piercing
    • 2” Mild Steel Edge Start
  • Hypertherm Sensor PHC Precision Height Control
  • Torch Interface
  • Gas Mix Console
  • Rack & Pinion Drives in Both Axis
  • Water Table

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260 Amp AKS Accu-Kut High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting System

Manufacturer: AKS Accu-Kut
Model Number: P0822-HPR260

Model Year: 2006

Size: 260 Amp
Stock Number: 13076
Category: Plasma Cutting System


  • CNC Control: Hypertherm MicroEDGE Touch Screen with True-Hole technology Rack & Pinion drives High Precision THK Type guides Six-Zone Downdraft Ventilation System (dust control) Side Access Doors (both sides) Hypertherm High-performance HPR-260 – Automatic Gas (Auto Gas Console) Hypertherm Sensor THC Torch Height Control QuickSTOP Torch Safety Mount Advanced Controller Software: Shape Library with 66 shapes; Shape Wizard – Allows construct/edit on screen; Basic Manual nest of parts on screen; DXF Translator – Allows basic import and conversion of DXF files; Dynamic Kerf Compensation ‘Kerf-on-the-fly’; Cut Loss Recovery – restart with forward/backward or move to pierce number; Move Forward/Backward on path; Process information with user defined watch window; On-Line Help Function Load should fit on one 53′ trailer as an overwide load within legal height and weight limits. Plasma table ships in (2) sections, each 11′ 2″ wide x 13′ long.

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5′ x 10′ Lockformer Vulcan Plasma Cutting System

Manufacturer: Lockformer Vulcan
Model Number: 2900

Model Year: 1997

Size: 5′ x 10′
Stock Number: 12916
Category: Plasma Cutting System


  • Lockformer Model 5395 Controller
  • Thermal Dynamics Pakmaster 100XLP power supply
  • Computer & software (monitor not included)
  • Partial Set of New slats (not shown in photos)