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50 ton Piranha Hydraulic Ironworker, Model P50


Manufacturer:  Piranha
Model Number:  P50
Serial Number:  P50-8433
Size / Capacity:  50 ton
Category:  Ironworker, Hydraulic
Stock Number:  13358


  • Original style P50 comparable to the current P65
  • Die block and punch stripper assembly
  • Punch & die sets
  • Foot pedal
  • (2) joystick controls
  • Material bar stop

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85 ton Scotchman Hydraulic Ironworker

Manufacturer: Scotchman
Model Number: FI-8510-20M
Serial Number: 1038M0406
Model Year: 2006

Size: 85 ton
Stock Number: 13185
Category: Ironworker, Hydraulic


  • Press brake and pipe notching attachments not included.
  • Optional 12″ press brake attachment with punch & die set available at extra cost.

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50 ton Piranha Hydraulic Ironworker

Manufacturer: Piranha
Model Number: P-3
Serial Number: P3-116
Model Year: 1977

Size: 50 ton
Stock Number: 13031
Category: Ironworker, Hydraulic


  • New flat shear blades
  • New coper blades

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70 ton Geka Hydraulic Ironworker

Manufacturer: Geka
Model Number: Hydracrop 70/SD
Serial Number: 4714

Size: 70 ton
Stock Number: 12958
Category: Ironworker, Hydraulic


  • Dual cylinder machine for simultaneous operation by two operators Extra deep 20″ punch throat Quick change punch (5) work stations: punch, flat shear, angle shear, section shear and coper/notcher 40″ electronic length stop Optional: Extra large die block & stripper New set of notcher knives (top & bottom) New flat shear knife Misc. used shear knives MIsc. used notcher knives Misc. used punch/die sets * Special blades needed to cut 6″ x 6″ x 1/2″ angle @ 90 degrees. ** Optional equipment is necessaary for press brake operation

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100 ton Peddinghaus Hydraulic Ironworker

Manufacturer: Peddinghaus
Model Number: PeddiWorker No.1
Serial Number: 4090046012011
Model Year: New 2012 Model

Size: 100 ton
Stock Number: 12772
Category: Ironworker, Hydraulic


  • This is a new machine that has never been put into service.
  • High quality German made machine
  • Flat shear blades, 16 3 4 inch long, also for shearing angle iron 45°
  • Material support table with gauge stops on the flat shear station
  • Section shear knife for 90° shearing angle iron as well as rounds and squares
  • Quick-change punching attachment up to 1 1/4 inch Ø, for the green series, with material support table
  • Height-adjustable and push-away stripper with exchangeable plate
  • Square notching attachment
  • Material support table on the notcher station
  • Two-stage foot pedal and electrical control elements
  • Connecting socket for external engagement, e.g. via linear gauging track
  • Integrated hydraulic power pack
  • Three-phase A.C. motor, 230 / 460 Volt, 60 Hz