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Every successful fabrication shop needs a press brake.  And every experienced facilities manager understands that a good quality, used press brake can increase profit margins by increasing efficiency and production for a significantly lower investment that purchasing a new press brake.  Browse our inventory of used press brakes and call us with any questions you may have.  We’d love to help you determine what you need in a press brake to best meet your manufacturing needs.

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Pacific 110 ton Hydraulic Press Brake with CNC back gauge
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300 ton Betenbender Hydraulic Press Brake, Model 12-300T

Manufacturer:  Betenbender
Model Number:  12-300T
Year:  1998
Size:  300 ton
Category:  Brake, Press, Hydraulic CNC
Price:  On Request


  • Autobend CNC99 back gauge control
  • Safety light curtains
  • Foot pedal control
  • Pedestal control stand

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60 ton Wysong Hydraulic CNC Press Brake

Manufacturer: Wysong
Model Number: MTH60-72
Serial Number: MT1-173
Model Year: Late 90’s

Size: 60 ton
Stock Number: 13205
Category: Brake, Press


  • Hurco Autobend 7 CNC control
  • Microguard light curtains

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220 ton Baykal CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Manufacturer: Baykal
Model Number: APH-3710
Serial Number: 4858
Model Year: 2001

Size: 220 ton
Stock Number: 13184
Category: Brake, Press


  • Programmable back gauge
  • Elgo 2-axis pendant control
  • Rolling pedestal control stand
  • Manual fine adjustment of back gauge (front)

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110 ton Amada Hydraulic Press Brake

Manufacturer: Amada
Model Number: RG100
Serial Number: 105167
Model Year: 1994

Size: 110 ton
Stock Number: 13204
Category: Brake, Press


  • NC9-EXII CNC Control

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175 ton Durma Hydraulic (CNC) Press Brake

Manufacturer: Durma
Model Number: HAP 30160
Serial Number: 7051045530
Model Year: 2004

Size: 175 ton
Stock Number: 13001
Category: Brake, Press


  • 2-axis Durma LC Series CNC control and back gauge
  • Pedestal control with foot pedal
  • Floor standing
  • Under Power On Our Floor !!

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175 ton Accurpress Hydraulic (CNC) Press Brake

Manufacturer: Accurpress
Model Number: 717512
Serial Number: 3815
Model Year: 1996

Size: 175 ton
Stock Number: 12995
Category: Brake, Press


  • Under power on our floor!
  • Video available on request.
  • CNC Backgauge 
  • ETS3000 control (3-axis – X/Y/R)
  • Crowning
  • Pedestal control with foot pedal
  • Flush floor design