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1″ Gullco Heavy Duty Plate Edge Beveller

Manufacturer: Gullco
Model Number: GBM-25

Model Year: 1996*

Size: 1″
Stock Number: 12891
Category: Beveller, Plate Edge

** SOLD **


  • Heavy duty; Portable; Self-propelled operation; Casters with adjustable spring assembly to accomodate floor to plate unevenness; Guide roller assembly for narrow strip plates; Hydraulic table tilt accommodates 22-1/2° (requires hydraulic power pack – not included), 30°, 37-1/2° and 45° bevel angles; Additional angle roller assemblies needed for 22-1/2°, 37-1/2°, 45° bevel angles
  • (*) We don’t have the exact year of manufacturer, but estimate it to be 1996.